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    Family Law

    Children's matters

    It is always best to try to resolve matters without resorting to a Court Application. At an initial appointment we can discuss with you your options for resolving issues regarding your children. You may then decide to have an informal arrangement with the other parent or you may wish to formalise the arrangement by way of Consent Orders or a Parenting Plan.

    Family Violence

    Intervention orders
    At Chinka (HEP) Steel, we appreciate the seriousness of family violence, and know it requires a delicate approach. It is important to us that you feel comfortable throughout this process and that you are always getting the best outcome for your interests.

    Financial Agreements & Property

    A Financial Agreement is a written document which sets out what you and your partner have agreed to do with respect to financial matters (including property settlement, maintenance and Superannuation splitting) in the event of a breakdown of the relationship. A Financial Agreement does not have to be approved by a court- in fact, it is used in order to ensure that a Court cannot interfere with private arrangements made between two consenting individuals.

    Legal Aid

    Chinka (HEP) Steel is proud to offer legal services on behalf of Victoria Legal Aid. Our team understand that it can be difficult to pay legal fees and still receive a fair outcome for a dispute. We are passionate in providing a service that not only helps people to receive an equitable result, but to also contribute to the community needing our help the most.

    Conveyancing and Subdivisions

    Purchasing or Selling property can be an exciting or overwhelming time. We offer a range of expertise on all matters conveyancing and provide comprehensive advice and document drafting, ranging from simply buying a property, to subdivisions, caveats, and adverse possession claims. It is important to us that you feel confident when taking these steps because we understand how daunting the process can be.

    Wills and Power of Attorney

    A will is likely the most important document you will ever draft. At Chinka (HEP) Steel, it is paramount to us that you feel your will is handled accordingly. We want you to have peace of mind that your assets and belongings are allocated where you desire in the event of your death. Additionally, we offer legal advice and expertise regarding contesting a will. If you feel as though you were unfairly considered for a will, we want to help you reach an equitable outcome.

    Probate and Estates

    If someone passes away, depending on the assets held by the deceased, it may be necessary to apply for Probate or Letters of Administration. It is sometimes hard to know where to start. Our team has experience in both simple and complex estates allowing you to feel secure in knowing your loved ones wishes are upheld in a time of grief.

    Business Sale and Purchase

    Business Sale Contracts are essential to any business sale or purchase. It’s vital that you have the contract’s terms drafted or reviewed by a specialist lawyer, including terms of sale, payment, intellectual property transfer and dispute resolution clauses.

    Retail and Commercial Leases

    Before entering into a lease as a Landlord or Tenant, there are many things to consider. You will have certain responsibilities and obligations to uphold. You may even sell your business and need to transfer your lease or sublease if your circumstances change. Our specialist Commercial Lawyer can assist and ensure all parties are clear about the leased property.

    Restrictive Covenants

    We advise in relation to all aspects of restrictive covenant matters, whether concerning land in metropolitan Melbourne or regional Victoria. A Restrictive Covenant may be one or more controls (or prohibitions) registered on title to land in Victoria, in a way that prohibits how the land may be used or developed. We can assist by providing preliminary information and advice, or guiding you all the way through the complexities of a proceeding in the Supreme Court.


    About Us

    Chinka (HEP) Steel Solicitors is a progressive boutique law firm specializing in Family Law, Estates Planning, Commercial, Business, Complex and Standard Conveyancing.

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    • We have just moved from Richmond to Woodend, and having just recently retired we needed to update our wills and do power of attorneys, both financial and health. The whole process was highly professional and very efficient. Documentation was easy to understand especially with all the special complexities of both children and grandchildren. We found all the staff very professional, friendly, and accommodating, as we had some peculiarities to deal with. Overall very good.
    • Elyse is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and always makes an effort to communicate, correspond and generate rapport. She is very easy to talk to and has made a massive impact on my experience with solicitors. A huge asset to the company, highly recommend to always deal with Elyse.
    • I wish to thank Chinka and his team for helping me through a long drawn out Family Court battle, it was a difficult time for me, Shireen was a great help and guided me through the ordeal. After two visits to the Family Court, I was amazed that Chinka had caught the train from Woodend in his wheelchair, to represent me with the help of Elyse, they achieved a good result for me. I can't speak too highly of all the members of his team who helped me through this difficult time, as well as the conveyancing of my property.
    • So happy with the service we have received from the team. We have recently dealt with Vicki for conveyancing and also Mel who was absolutely amazing with my brother who has a brain injury. Can’t thank them enough for making a difficult time so much easier to deal with.
    • The whole team at Chinka Steel have been so responsive, helpful and knowledgeable to our family for all our conveyancing needs. We trust their expertise and advice and have no hesitation in recommending Chinka Steel.


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